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Jordon loves his family—so why don’t
his siblings live with him?

When Jordon asks his mother why his beloved siblings don’t live with him he strikes up a conversation about family, love, and what it means to be part of a blended family. Despite his siblings belonging to different families, he loves them very much.

His mother helps him understand by giving an example of an apple and a mango tree and explaining that’s what makes them a jam team.       

By tackling tough conversations with love, openness, and honesty, we give our children a better chance to learn that their lives are different than others  but they’re no less beautiful, fulfilling, or filled with love.

A close group of blended siblings are about to get some unexpected news!

The last thing these children expect is for their father to ask them to name their sibling team. The ettle on calling themselves Jam. Pleased with their awesome and true name, they notice their father’s approval. Little do they know, he’s about to share a secret!

Parents, bringing a new baby home isn’t easy, no matter what your home life looks like. In a blended family, though, bringing home a new baby can be even more difficult. This book offers a sweet story that’ll help your children understand how fun and exciting a new baby can be even in a blended family. Read this story with your children, promote positive thnking, encourage questions and enjoy an honest conversation about life, love, and family. 

Join one little boy as he learns the joys of becoming part of a blended family!

Jae’s mother and father parted ways when he was young, but when a new stepfather and step-sister plus their extended family become part of his life, e learns that sometimes the best things come from unexpected situations. Like tutti frutti ice cream, being a blended family is as sweet as can be!

This book makes the perfect conversation starter!

Encourage questions from your child about life, love, and moving on after divorce. With this hopeful, fun story, children will learn that stepfamily is still family and blended families can be full of love and happiness. This book also makes a great gift!

About the author

Jordan Jam understands the effect a divorce or non-traditional household can have on a child, so she focuses on creating books that answer prominent questions kids might internalize. By writing creative stories, she allows children to see themselves in her characters and scenarios in a way that helps them feel validated, understood, and safe.

Jordan is also known as Lyne Na and is a Professional Life Coach, a Writer, and an Entrepreneur, but most of all, she’s a loving mother of a blended family composed of four children. She’s driven to help families bond, discover the power of sibling relationships, and learning to love each other through hard times as well as good times. Through adventures and love, she believes families can be happier, and books are a great way to find new adventures!

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